Portable Negative ion Air purifier USB DC6v for home Car Air Ionizer Anion Air Cleaner


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Brand Name Alanchi
Air Volume 50m³/h
Power (W) 5w
Voltage (V) 6V
Function Fragrant
Installation Mini
Type Negative Ion
Anion Density 1000000pcs/m³
Usage Condition Household
Power Source Electrical
Application area <10㎡
Application 3-8m³
Style Air Purifier
Noise ≤50dB
Power Supply Direct Current
Wind Speed Standard
Benzene Removal Rate 99.00%
Formaldehyde Removal Rate 96.20%
Oxygen Supply Below 1L/min

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1.Normal level: work 10 minutes ,stop 20 minutes, automatically shut down after 12 hours
2. Energy-saving level: continue work for 4 hours , and then stop
4AA batteries can afford the keep use of GL- 136 for 30-40 hours
By producing ozone,Portable OzoneAir Purifier GL-136can:
1.Eliminate unpleasant odors in your fridge or car and prevent cross-contamination of odors
2. Eliminate bacteria and viruses to inhibit the growth of mildew.
3. Retainfreshnessandextendthestoragelifeoffoods.
4. Remove smoke, dust and the smell of leather. Moreover, alleviate car sickness
5, sterilization of various respiratory diseases kill bacteria and prevent infection;
6, disinfection eliminate air toxic chemical vapors, kill airborne toxic, harmful, cancer-causing bacteria, viruses, bacteria and other viruses;
7, deodorant eliminate all the air smell, smoke, Living Environment
8, to provide fresh air flow, so as to achieve decompression.
Ozone plays a important role in removing the odor in the air, when put it in the fridge to make food stay in fresh much longer.It is much more effective inn removing pollutants and odors, and is a powerful oxidant that kills lower organism like bacteria, mold and viruses
This unit also can produce Negative Ion, which abounds in our natural environments such as forests, waterfalls, mountains and seaside. Negative ions are useful for enhancing the metabolism and homeostasis of the human body. effective in removing pollen, dust, mold spores and other harmful particles from the air and are able to improve mood.
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